The Korean Musculoskeletal Tumor Society

The Korean Musculoskeletal Tumor Society

The Korean Musculoskeletal Tumor Society is promoting fellowship among members through research and academic exchanges while diagnosing and treating orthopedic musculoskeletal tumors (bone tumor, soft tissue tumor, sarcoma cancer, bone cancer).



Dear members of the Korean Musculoskeletal Tumor Society,

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the president of KMSTS.

The history of the KMSTS, which has a high degree of expertise group among the Korean Orthopaedic Association, has celebrated its 33rd anniversary this year as it has grown with the passion of many senior teachers, senior and junior fellow members.

Recently, the complex international situation and infectious diseases seem to have slowed the world's clock by a tempo, but it is gradually normalizing. Now is the time when academic activities that go beyond the past are required. In line with this, the KMSTS is also scheduled to have active domestic and international academic schedules along with the resumption of international exchange.

Internally, I would like to organize the deep-rooted history of our society, which has been accumulated over the years, in line with the status of the society celebrating its 33rd anniversary. In addition, we will actively promote projects that have been at a standstill by activating committees within the society.

Above all, multidisciplinary treatment and research cooperation are needed, and since there are actually being actively organized within each institution, we will create a foundation for these members to cooperate and academic exchange centered on the KMSTS.

I think it is time to actively promote exchanges with local orthopedic surgeons' associations and focus on promoting them to the public and the government.

Although my shoulders are as heavy as the status of the KMSTS, I will do my best to develop the society with the wisdom of the respective councilors and advisors and the passion of the members.

I wish all members good health and good fortune in 2023.

January 2023
President, Hyun-Guy Kang

Foundation of the Association

· Date of establishment: August 24, 1990

· Board of Directors

Year President Secretary
1990 ~ 1995 Han-Goo Lee Dae-Kyung Bae
1996 ~ 1997 Han-Goo Lee Soo-Yong Lee
1997 ~ 1999 Han-Goo Lee Yong-Goo Kang
2000 ~ 2001 Han-Goo Lee Dae-Kyung Bae
2002 Soo-Bong Han Han-Soo Kim
2003 Dae-Kyung Bae Han-Soo Kim
2004 Seung-Goo Lee Han-Soo Kim
2005 Soo-Yong Lee Kyu-Ho Shin
2006 Jae-Do Kim Il-Hyung Park
2007 Jung-Soo Han Duk-Sub Shin
2008 Sang-Hoon Lee Dae-Geun Jeon
2009 Yong-Goo Kang Won-Jong Park
2010 Kyu-Ho Shin Sung-Taek Jung
2011 Il-Hyung Park Jung-Ryul Kim
2012 Won-Jong Park Yang-Gook Jung
2013 Dae-Geun Jeon So-Hak Chung
2014 Duk-Sub Shin Wan-Hyung Cho
2015 Yang-Gook Jung Jung-Il Kim
2016 Sung-Taek Jung Young-Soo Jeon
2017 Han-Soo Kim Hyun-Guy Kang
2018 Jung Ryul Kim Ilkyu Han
2019 So-Hak Chung Won-Seok Song
2020 Wan-Hyung Cho Sung-Wook Seo
2021 Young-Soo Jeon Kap-Joong Kim
2022 Jung-Il Kim Seung-Hyun Kim
2023 Hyun-Guy, Kang June Hyuk, Kim

· 2019 Member of the board of Directors

Jung Ryul Kim ,Jung-Il Kim, Han-Soo Kim, Won-Jong Park, Il-Hyung Park, , Duk-Sub Shin, Dae-Geun Jeon, Young-Soo Jeon, Sung-Taek Jung, Yang-Gook Jung, Wan-Hyung Cho


President: Hyun-Guy, Kang

Secretary: June Hyuk, Kim

Member of the Board of Directors

Won Jong, Bahk, Dae Geun, Jeon, Duk Seop, Shin, Yang Guk, Chung, Sung Taek, Jung, Han Soo, Kim, Jung Ryul, Kim, So Hak, Chung, Wan Hyeong, Cho, Young Soo, Chun, Jeung Il, Kim, Won Seok, Song, Il Kyu, Han, Sung Wook, Seo

Advisory Committee

Myeong Sang, Moon, Dae Kyeong, Bae, Sang Cheol, Sung, Ju Cheol, In, Jae Yun, Jung, Su Bong, Han, Jae Do, Kim, Su Yong, Lee, Jeong Su, Han, Yong Gu, Kang, An Hee, Lee, Gyu Ho, Shin, Il hyeong, Park

Statutory Auditors

Kap Jung, Kim, Seung Hyun, Kim

Scientific Committee

· Chairman: Il Kyu, Han

· Member: June Hyuk, Kim, Yong Jin Cho, Jae Young, Lee, Min Wook, Joo, Eun Seok, Choi, Wan Lim, Kim, Yong Sung, Kim

Editorial Committee

· Chairman: Wan Hyeong, Cho

· Member: So Hak, Chung, Young Soo, Chun, Won Seok, Song, Sung Wook, Seo

· Examiner: Seung Hyun, Kim, Chang Bae, Kong, Seung Han, Shin, Jong Woong, Park

Medical Insurance Committee

· Chairman: Kap Jung, Kim

· Member: Hwan Seong, Cho, Seung Han, Shin, Wan Lim, Kim, Sang Hyun Cho, Jang Woo, Young, Sungmin Kim

Public Relations Committee

· Chairman: Jeung Il, Kim

· Member: Chang Bae, Kong, Young Jin, Cho, Yong Suk, Lee, Won Ju, Jeong, Jong Hun, Baek

International Conference Preparation Committee

· Chairman: Duk Seop, Shin

· Member: Yong Sung, Kim, Dae Geun, Jeon, Yang Guk, Chung, Sung Taek, Jung, Han Soo, Kim, Jung Ryul, Kim

Textbook Publication Committee

· Chairman: Il Kyu, Han

· Member: Seung Hyun, Kim, Kap Jung, Kim, June Hyuk, Kim, Chang Bae, Kong, Min Wook, Joo, Eun Seok, Choi

Public Education and Media Relations Committee

· Chairman: Han Soo, Kim

· Member: Jong Woong, Park, Won Seok, Song, Seung Han, Shin, Jong Hun, Baek

Multidisciplinary Care Committee

· Chairman: Hyun-Guy, Kang

· Member:
June Hyuk, Kim
Pathology Division
Radiology Division
Medical Oncology Division
Radiation Oncology Division
Surgery Division
Basic Research Division